A Hidden History

Heritage Crossroads – A Hidden History

By Stan Drescher

Heritage and History
Was John Seibel’s dream
To educate and preserve
His was a perfect scheme

Heritage Crossroads, ‘04
Made that dream come true
All saw scenic highway signs
But our past was known to few

A tinted printed brochure
Explains our talking tours
And depicts to visitors
What we display outdoors

92 miles to emphasize
Right here in Flagler County
And we’re proud to share the wealth
Our historic bounty

We’ve made a map that lists
All 16 ancient sites
It should boost public interest
And further raise our heights

A Russian prince for his bride
Gave a gift to match her face
And found beauty nowhere else
So gave Princess Place

Princess Preserve is quite a place
With facts that cannot fool
It was all made of concrete
The first in ground swimming pool

A trip down the Old Brick Road
Will take you back in time
And make you rethink your life
A modern paradigm

We know slaves worked at Bulow
The truth is not absurd
But since we cannot change the past
We’ll just avoid the word

The oldest cemetery
Dates from 1875
It’s Isaac Moody’s resting place
He was famous when alive

Tourists come here to relax
And read quietly all day
But just mention Heritage
They run the other way

Some think we’re a museum
And it’s all a bore
So we gave a dissertation
And saw a surfer snore

Don’t turn when you hear cultural
The word has significance
It’s like archeological
Treat both with diligence

We have on the drawing board
A modern welcome center
With kiosks placed strategically
And a recorded mentor

No gain or profit can be made
We’re a 501c3
And ‘tho we do raise money
It’s all for charity

John was the first president
Since two thousand four
But now he must pass the torch
Congrats you were top drawer