Goals and Objectives

1. GOAL: Resource Protection – Protect, preserve, maintain and enhance our historic, natural and scenic resources of the corridor.

  1. Objective: Work with local governments along the corridor to enhance/develop Canopy Tree Protection and Heritage Oak Tree Protection ordinances.
  2. Objective: Protect areas along the corridor with significant native vegetation.
  3. Objective: Support efforts to obtain and/or support existing historic designations for significant resources along the corridor that are 50 years of age or older.
  4. Objective: Monitor outdoor advertising and signage activities along the corridor.
  5. Objective: Create database of historic, scenic and recreation destination points along the corridor and identify a repository for this information.

2. GOAL: Provide safe access to our historic, scenic, and recreational intrinsic resources that will promote their use while preserving their beauty for future generations.

  1. Objective: Improve highway safety by identifying and working to implement context sensitive engineering solutions.
  2. Objective: Support the identification of a parallel facility for the Old Brick Road for heavy truck traffic.
  3. Objective: Improve bicycle/pedestrian safety enhancements.
  4. Objective: Identify needs for historic informational signage along the corridor.
  5. Objective: Work and partner with adjacent scenic/heritage highways for connectivity and maximization of resources.
  6. Objective: Develop and implement “loops” within the corridor network that might be attractive to specialty interest groups.

3. GOAL: Promote responsible regional commercial and residential development, and tourism by partnering with local governments, individuals and community organizations.

  1. Objective: Insure that corridor elements are incorporated into the Comprehensive Plans of all local jurisdictions.
  2. Objective: Ensure that the CME continues as an on-going and effective sponsor and advocate for the Scenic Highway designation process.
  3. Objective: Advocate and monitor intergovernmental coordination between all governmental entities having jurisdiction within the corridor.

4. GOAL: Education – Increase awareness of our unique regional history and appreciation for our rich natural environment through the development and presentation of our corridor story to residents and tourists alike.

  1. Objective: Ensure the availability of corridor information on the internet.
  2. Objective: Develop a Heritage Crossroads corridor education program.
  3. Objective: Promote the location and features of the corridor with notations on local and regional maps.
  4. Objective: Develop and implement a “Keep It Clean” educational program for the corridor.
  5. Objective: Establish a “Friends of the Corridor” database list of interested parties willing to support the goals of the corridor.

5. GOAL: Economic Development and Tourism – Esthetically enhance, improve and beautify the Heritage Crossroads corridor.

  1. Objective: Establish the Heritage Crossroads corridor as a tourist point of interest.
  2. Objective: Identify and take advantage of pre-existing opportunities to maintain, enhance, improve, and beautify the corridor.